Wardrobe Detox & Enhance

Clothing needs to be visible, functional, and breathable so we can live easily and be our best creative selves. Let’s face it – clothing is a center point of our daily life. When you have a functional wardrobe with both essential and statement pieces then getting dressed is no-stress; your clothes will support you like a good friend.

Going to your wardrobe each morning should be enjoyable. The clothes you put on should feel good on your skin, and accompany you in a peaceful way throughout your day, never restraining, but quietly giving you power and confidence.

Reach out and I will help you find it. I am just an email away.

  • You will never again feel like you have nothing to wear
  • You will love every item in your wardrobe
  • Your clothing will feel like your friend, not your enemy
  • You will be able to get dressed quickly every morning, & for every special occasion
  • Everything in your wardrobe will be a reflection of you
What is included in this service?
  • Learn how to create an ideal, functional wardrobe trough the de-cluttering process
  • Aim for a good balance of 60/20/20
  • What is a capsule wardrobe – minimal pieces, maximum outfits
  • Learn the rules of 80/20
  • Wardrobe enhancers and tips on storage
  • Clothing, handbags, shoes: care & maintenance
  • Wardrobe essentials
  • Create your shopping plan
  • Learn to pack your luggage (business and/or pleasure) without stress

The Wardrobe Detox & Enhance service requires a minimum 3-hour booking.

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