My Success Stories

I spent an unforgettable time together with Bernadette. Every minute was exciting as I discovered who I am and what my personal style looks like. It is not only about external beauty but also style and personal image.
The service also included determining my WOW personal colors, a body shape analysis, and a discussion about my personality. We created my dream wardrobe with many functional pieces and a few statement pieces. We went shopping with our list in hand and had a wonderful day!
Bernadette is very professional and a talented personal image coach. She made me feel like Julia Roberts in the movie, 'Pretty Woman'. No need for Richard Gere to make me feel beautiful – I feel beautiful myself and it is a fantastic feeling
In addition, I am so grateful to have gone on this unique journey with Bernadette.
Thank you very much for the effective time we spent together, the little tricks and tools you taught me, and for the practical advice for both my life and personal grooming.
Now I can enjoy my life with ease and happiness, and I know how to express myself through my own personal style!

Bea (47)ITALY

Dear Bernadette,
I am really sorry that I did not have the opportunity to experience this kind of personal Image Consultant service earlier in my life. However, now at 40 years old, I discovered you and now know how to dress for my body shape. I know which styles to chose to enhance both my personality and shape, and what colors compliment me the best. The content of my wardrobe was reduced by 50% in the de-cluttering process but enhanced by perfect pieces that I absolutely love to wear.
I know what I need to buy for the future. Every time I go shopping, I will be prepared and not tempted by sales or trendy pieces. THANK YOU!
I would like to warmly recommend Bernadette’s unique service for anyone who would like to find ‘your true-self’, and find the wardrobe that lets that true-self shine.

Rèka (49)HUNGARY

In my business, my daily personal image is very important. I have always selected my outfits myself so was very curious what a professional style coach would be able to add to my daily dressing routine. I contacted Bernadette, as she was one of the most recommended image consultants. On our personal meeting, my first impression of Bernadette was excellent. She was very friendly, always smiling and I noticed that she put together, head to toe, flawlessly.
She gave me very valuable information and tips about discovering and creating my personal style. Based on my opinion and lot of feedbacks from people around me (my colleagues, business partners, family & friends) the results were amazing. It was definitely worth it to invest in myself in order to discover my real personal image that I can access and develop over a lifetime.
Thank you again for your professional image consultant service Bernadette. I will definitely be contacting you again if I have a special occasion and need that perfect outfit.
I warmly recommend Bernadette to anyone who wants to find their style, get their image noticed and to feel self-confident and happy every day!

Tamàs (49)HUNGARY

Bernadette is a great professional in style & fashion and in helping people build their image from the bottom up. I really got a great impression right from the first time we met and my satisfaction just increased during our sessions. She has a great personality, great taste, great style, and is an inspiring coach.
I would recommend her to anybody who wants to find his/her way to establishing their own style with quality, comfort, and personality!

Orsolya (49)AUSTRIA

During my pregnancy, I gained more than 20 kg. After the birth of my daughter I still had an extra 10 kg and nothing fit me from my old wardrobe. I was very disappointed and wanted to find a solution without buying a lot of new clothes. I was lucky to get to know Bernadette, who helped me, with her enthusiasm and professional attitude, to find some key pieces for daily use and combining with what I already had. Without spending too much money I have a fresh new look and get compliments every day about my stylish appearance. This is possible even if you are a mother and don’t have time and energy to go out shopping.

I warmly recommend Bernadette for anybody who needs a little help to refresh their wardrobe and get some new inspirations or even to find a new tailor made style for herself or himself! Do not miss out on her professional and unique personal image service!

Nori (31)Austria