Professional Workshop for Private and Company Groups

Whether you are a company or a private person IMAGE3T has a made to measure service to develop your business and life success through your personal style and grooming.

Workshops are customized to serve the needs of your group. Contact me to find out how IMAGE3T consulting services can create a great workshop for you. I will tell you what we offer, how we differ from other style coaching companies, and what are the highlights and benefits.

Reach out and I will help you find it. I am just an email away.

What’s included in every Workshop?
  • Why it’s important to be yourself inside & out
  • What do you need to do to discover your personal style & express your personality
  • How to dress & adhere to your company’s dress code
  • Essential techniques & tools for personal image & grooming

Workshops require a minimum of 10 participants

Follow-up with these services:

Discovery of Personal Style & Grooming

Personal Shopping

Wardrobe Detox & Enhance