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Bernadette Varhelyi

Follow your dreams and your heart will lead you to your passion!

First impressions matter. So do positive vibes and a high level of self- confidence.

This is why it’s important to have a style that reflects who you are, every day. When you feel good and at ease in your clothes, then you feel more confident. Your positive energy will in turn attract positive energy.

I have invested in myself, in going through the process of finding out who I am, and what makes me happy and motivated. My extensive experience in customer service and relationship building has allowed me to see the benefit in striving to understand the needs of the client, to know who they are, and help them put their best foot forward.

I was happy to give my team the benefit of my own experience, in order to get them noticed and help them find out who they are, and what is their own personal image.


I’d like to take you on a similar journey of discovery.


My name is Bernadette Várhelyi, founder of IMAGE3T. I am originally from Hungary and living in Vienna.

During my corporate career, I established several unique sales teams with hundreds of employees with proven track records and amazing successes. Over the years, through my global network, I have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of people, many with their own unique sense of style that reflected their personality.

Just think, when you are comfortable in your clothes, not just physically, but when they feel like an extension of who you truly are, your confidence is revealed inside and out.

I always coached my team to be authentic and let their strengths shine. I am very proud as we received a lot of positive feedback and many compliments that my team had a unique   personal image and worked with passion in a healthy competitive way.

The success in my life has been largely because I take a holistic approach to everything I do. I know there is a connectedness to life – relationships, travel, learning, and discovering oneself. I am open to new experiences and always true to myself.


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Success and luck for me are not accidental; it is about enjoying the journey I am on.

I believe that luck is where opportunity and being prepared meet!

You need both at the same time to be lucky.

Taking control of your personal style and feeling prepared to meet each day is a good step towards finding your own luck!


Why did I start this business?

Corporate life is always a great opportunity to develop yourself and build up your network. I am grateful that my career allowed me to move abroad – living in a foreign country presents countless opportunities for personal growth and new experiences.

I have always had a keen sense of style, and living and visiting different countries made me realize that there is no set of rules about how to look good and feel confident. Different cultures have different preferences in terms of colors, degrees of conservativeness, and fabrics. I always took note, and talked to people about how they developed their sense of style. And I was always the one in the office who others came to for fantastic style advice. It was just instinctive to me, how someone could make a few changes to their wardrobe and suddenly look like a million dollars. I especially noticed how confident people dressed, how they inhabited their clothes in a different way from everyone else. They owned their style!

For years I kept the idea of starting my own Image Consulting business in the back of my mind. I wanted to help people find their own personal style so they could leave a great impression and feel good in their clothes. When the time was right, I applied to one of the best courses, which was offered by the Style Coaching Institute in London. The experience was exhilarating.

Once I completed the course, my business started to grow like a plant from a seed, and now it has evolved into a thriving service, offering personal style advice to clients in Vienna, and internationally. I also train people in retail so they can give great advice to their customers.

I can honestly say that living an authentic holistic life has contributed greatly to seeing my dream become a reality. In my own small way, I want to share this, so others can also feel confident and authentic, from top to toe, inside and out.

IMAGE3T service is about who you are, about impressing yourself with attractiveness inside and out, about being someone who will be noticed by others, who is not only confident but elegant with unique taste and style as well.

IMAGE3T provides essential advice for a positive personal outlook, small tricks of style and fashion, unforgettable experiences through an enjoyable process, and satisfaction for a lifetime.


Discover your true personality and create a unique image of yourself. Personal brand is  fundamental in the business and private world in order to get noticed and be remembered. My passion is to build up your success by creating your ideal image.

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My main aim is to get you to the top of your game by helping you discover your real YOU inside and out, so you can reach your personal goals in business and life with a feeling of unlimited potential and confidence. I will help you create your desired image, fresh style, and renewed wardrobe with ideal shopping habits.

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Life and work experiences, combined with my passion and dream, motivated me to start my own business as an Image Consultant.

I followed my dream, and applied for the course to become an International Image Consultant at the Stylecoaching Institute in London. Now I help people everyday to achieve their dreams, one piece of clothing at a time.

My education: 

Bachelor Degrees in Business management from the University of Hungary

Certified International Image Consultant from the Style Coaching Institute in London

Member of the international Association of Style Coaches, IASC in London

Certificates of training in Sales Management, Leadership, Customer Service

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Are you ready to begin your special journey with IMAGE3T?